So you want your own Web-Page? Here's how!

The first thing you want to do (if you haven't already), is to make your web page. There are quite a few WWW design packages out on the internet that are freeware, shareware and commercial.  You can find some under Links we like on our web site.

A few tip's on creating your Web Page!

1st) When adding graphic files, or links to additional pages on your page, don't worry about specifying a path, DON'T use "IMG SRC=C:\mypage\mygif.gif", DO USE "IMG SRC=mygif.gif". This will allow you to preview your HTML page on your computer, and you will be able to U/L'd it and it will work fine when you are ready to upload it for the world to see.

2nd) While nice big .gif and .jpg files are pretty to look at, they are huge and can take forever for some users to load, try and keep them small. Also, a .jpg file is often quite smaller than a .gif file, you may wish to convert .gif's to .jpg's to make your page as fast as possible.

3rd) When saveing your web page, name your main page "default.htm", this is the first page that draws when somebody hit's your page. If you have multiple HTML pages, "default.htm" should be your primary page.

Got your page done? Now what?

All you need to do is log into our ftp system to upload your files. Netscape and most other WWW browsers (including Microsoft's Internet Explorer) DO NOT allow non-anonymous login's, so you MUST USE a ftp package such as Winsock FTP, Cute FTP, or something similar that will allow you to log into a system useing A SPECIFIC username and password (this allows nobody but you to handle the files on the web system). Cute FTP as well as Winsock FTP can be found on our site at Links we like  Log into our ftp system, the address is "" (also known as the ftp location or server) using YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD!. Use "/web/MyUserName" as the inital remote directory (or you can change directory once your are logged into our ftp system to "/web/MyUserName). Replace "MyUserName" with YOUR LOGIN NAME! (ie, if your login name is "peggy", then your initial remote directory would be "/web/peggy").

Once you are logged into the system, simply upload your web page and any graphics files to the remote directory by double clicking on the file name on the left side of your screen (this is YOUR COMPUTER) to send them to your web directory on the right side of the screen (our computer) , if you have never had a web page before, the right side of the ftp screen (our computer) will be blank untill you upload your files.

I'm Done, Now What?

Your Web page is now avalible to the world to see! Your WWW address is "" (again, MyUserName is your login name). This address will draw up your "default.htm" page. If you have more than one page, you can get them directly by the address of "", where "2ndpage.htm" is the name of your additional page. Have fun, and if you would like your personal Web Page to be added as a link from our home page, drop us a note!