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Kelly Internet
was one of the first Internet Service Providers to base our entire network on Microsoft Windows NT ServerŪ. Since 1995 we have been providing fast reliable Web Site Hosting to customers all over the United States.  We are constantly upgrading to the latest offerings from Microsoft in order to offer our customers the latest technologies available such as ASP, PHP, Perl, CGI, MySQL, Access, Microsoft SQL, Front Page 2000, etc..

The following services will give you a chance to put your company on the 'Net' with high speed access to your web site while minimizing costs to your company.  You may start out small and upgrade to the next level as you see fit or choose to have as much service as possible right from the start. If you don't see a particular service listed please do not hesitate to ask (417-767-2044 or 417-767-2044 or info@kellinet.net)

Silver, Gold and Platinum Sites allow your own Domain Name and include Domain Mail Service.  Domain Mail Service allows you to manage your own mailboxes.  You can add, delete and edit  mailboxes for your domain.  There is no additional charge for mailboxes if you manage your own.  We only ask that you stay within the storage and transfer rates for the site.  If we feel your domain is doing something unusual with mailboxes, we will contact you to see what can be done to correct the problem.

All of our sites are hosted on Servers Powered by Microsoft Windows 2000 Server

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