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Terms & Conditions for Web Sites.

Payment in advance monthly, 3 months -5%, 6 months -10% or yearly -15%.  You will not be charged fees for  additional storage or transfers unless you agree to those charges.  We will notify you when you reach your current limit.  Data can be changed as often as you wish via your Dial Up account.  You are responsible for all your site content and activities that your site promotes.  Data transfer is the amount of data transferred over the Internet to and from your Web Site. This is not part of your Internet access by dial up modem or dedicated line.  Typical users
transfer much less than 50 Megabytes per month.

Web Page design is usually the implementation of an existing advertising scheme or well thought out Web Site.    We can usually make an estimate that is accurate enough for a fixed price quote either on the basis of hours or pages of data to be designed.

Secure Service is the installation of the capability for your Web Site to process credit card transactions or other secure data via a secure socket (link).  This service is available to our Commercial Customers for a one time setup fee.  In order to complete the secure transaction, you must have an email account with PCIS and connect to our
email server with a dial up modem or dedicated line.  If you connect to our email server via the Internet (logon via AOL and check you PCIS mail account), you will not be secure.

Sales Agent Service   We authorize the credit card, put the pertinent information in your mailbox and wait for legal proof of shipment from you.   Once legal proof of shipment (a copy of a signed waybill from a common carrier or
other device that we agree upon), we bill with PCIS Merchant Account and then send you the funds less our commission once we have been paid by the bank.

To avoid the problems of legal proof of shipment as required by consumer protection laws, we will ship on your signed statement of shipment and hold your funds for 45 days from the date we receive funds from the bank.  This allows time for the customer to exercise rights to dispute the charge that would cause us to have to refund payment.   This is a small increase in your cost that may more than be offset by lower shipping and handling costs.  Upon receipt of shipping notice (signed and dated manifest by fax or mail) we will bill the customer and notify them that their order has been shipped and billed.

Prices effective April 12, 1999. Prices and data subject to change without notice.

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